Mactrans Logistics: Your Sustainable and Cost-Friendly Intermodal-Rail Shipping Solution

April 10, 2023

As a shipper, it’s important to find a transportation provider that can offer reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable shipping solutions. Mactrans Logistics is a 3PL provider with offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Moncton that specializes in intermodal rail logistics services. We provide shippers with a cost-effective alternative to over-the-road transportation across North America. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of Mactrans Logistics’ intermodal rail shipping service and how it can help you streamline your logistics operations.

Cost Savings

At Mactrans Logistics, we understand that shipping costs can be a significant expense for businesses. That’s why our intermodal container shipping service is designed to be cost-effective. According to a study by the National Cooperative Freight Research Program, intermodal shipping can be up to 40% cheaper than over-the-road transportation. For example, if you’re shipping a container of goods from Toronto to Vancouver, choosing intermodal shipping with Mactrans Logistics could save you thousands of dollars compared to shipping by truck.  Typically, rail shipping is most cost effective for lanes over 1000 kilometers.

Reliable Transit Times

Another benefit of Mactrans Logistics’ intermodal container shipping service is reliable transit times. According to a report by the Association of American Railroads, intermodal transit times have become just as predictable as truck transit times. This means that you can plan your logistics operations with greater confidence when you choose our rail service.

Environmental Sustainability

As a socially responsible transportation provider, Mactrans Logistics is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. Intermodal shipping is a more environmentally sustainable alternative to trucking, according to a study by the University of California, Davis. For example, if you choose our intermodal service to ship a container of goods from Toronto to Halifax, you could reduce your carbon emissions by up to 75% compared to shipping by truck.  As a member of the SmartWay Transportation Programs Mactrans has shown that one of our sustainability goals is to work with carriers that reduce emissions.


Mactrans Logistics’ rail shipping service is also highly flexible. We can accommodate a wide range of freight types and sizes, from single pallets of LTL to full container loads.  Intermodal rail shipping is also a great alternative to over-the-road trucking when capacity is tight and there are more loads moving than trucks available in the marketplace.

At Mactrans Logistics, we have a deep understanding of the intermodal transportation industry in Canada. We’ve built strong relationships with rail carriers and have the expertise to navigate the complexities of intermodal shipping. By choosing our service, you can save costs, enjoy reliable transit times, reduce your carbon footprint, and benefit from our flexibility. If you’re looking for a transportation provider that can offer you a cost-effective and sustainable shipping solution, contact Mactrans Logistics today to learn more about our intermodal container shipping services.