Terms and Conditions

  1. All freight rates are based on the information provided. The rates will change if any of the details change when the freight moves.  The online rates are based on standard Dry Van or Intermodal Container service.  Mactrans and our partner carriers reserve the right to refuse to pick-up freight for any reason.


  1. Per hundred weight Canadian domestic shipments are based on a minimum density of 10 pounds per cubic foot (i.e. 40”x48”x48” = 53.3 cubic feet @ 10 lbs. = as 533 lbs. Weight).  Shipments occupying more than 10 feet are subject to 1000 lbs. per linear foot unless otherwise specified in writing.  All shipments will be cubed at actual dimensions and /or floor space occupied. 


  1. All shipments are subject to applicable taxes (GST/ HST/ QST) and they are not included in rate quotations.  All shipments are subject to Bill of Lading Conditions of Carriage. 


  1. All shipments require a proper bill of lading with all pertinent information (i.e., shipper’s and consignee’s full name, address, phone numbers, prepaid/collect or third-party billing, numbers of pieces-skid/carton/crate/etc., total weight and/or cube, appointment time, and any special delivery instructions). 


  1. Mactrans or our partner carriers are not liable for loss, damage or shortage of any goods carried under the bill of lading unless notice of claim is clearly indicated on the bill of lading at the time of delivery. The statement of claim must be filed within nine (9) months from the date of shipment for complete shortages and within two (2) months for partial shortages or damages.  A copy of the paid freight bill must accompany the claim.  Liability limited to $2.00 per pound in case of loss or damages, unless otherwise noted in writing.  Mactrans or our partner carriers are not responsible for consequential loss or fine because of delay in delivery or non-compliance of consignee’s procedures. In no way shall Mactrans or our partner carriers be liable to the customer, owner, consignor, consignee or any third party for any damages, costs, or loss of profit resulting from failure to deliver, delayed delivery, loss or damage to goods, regardless of the cause of such event.   


Force Majeure: The carrier shall not be liable for loss, damage, or delay to any of the goods described in the Bill of Lading (Waybill) caused by an act of God, the Queen’s or public enemies, riots, strikes, a defect or inherent vice in the goods, an act or default of the shipper, owner or consignee, authority of law, quarantine or the goods not being in the actual custody or under the actual control of the carrier.   


Packaging: Inadequate packaging or improper labeling waives all liability to the carrier in the event of loss, damage or delay of delivery of goods tendered for shipping, notwithstanding the carrier, its servants, agents or contractors accepting same for transportation. 


  1. Terms of payment – Net 30 days when credit is established with Mactrans.  


Accessorial Charges


Accessorial Charges (all apply unless otherwise specified in writing): 

APPOINTMENT CHARGE: $25.00 per occurrence if the carrier books appointments.  There is a $100 charge if the appointments are booked in advance by the customer.  

DANGEROUS GOODS: 10% of the total freight charges with minimum of $15.00 per shipment. 

PROTECTIVE HEAT SERVICES CANADIAN DOMESTIC (Where service available): 10% of the total freight charges with minimum of $15.00 per shipment. 

PROTECTIVE HEAT SERVICES CAN / US CROSS BORDER (Where service available): 15% of the total freight charges with minimum of $50.00 per shipment.  

FUEL SURCHARGE: Rates subject to fuel surcharge at market rate on the date of shipment. 

TAILGATE SERVICE: $55.00 per usage on pickup and/or delivery. 

INSIDE DELIVERY: $50.00 per usage on pickup and/or delivery.

MISSED PICK-UP: Minimum charge of $50.00 if the freight is not ready or cannot be shipped because it is not packaged properly.  Additional charges may apply based on the circumstance.

DETENTION TIME: LTL shipment – Free time maximum half (1/2) hourFull Load       

Free time maximum two (2) hours 

Time consumed more than free time allowance will be subject to a detention charge at $65.00/hour for Dry Vans and $75.00/hour for Flat Beds or specialty equipment. 

SECOND DELIVERY: Should a second delivery be required because of the consignees’ refusal or inability to accept freight as scheduled; this will be charged at the applicable rate. 

FINAL MILE CHARGES (Where Service Available):  Businesses operating out of private residences are included in this category. Private residence will include apartment houses, farms, houses, residences, golf & country clubs, cottages and shall apply to the entire premises on which a dwelling for living is located Final Mile deliveries are only available in some markets so please confirm with Mactrans Logistics before shipping if this service is available. 

Curbside (Includes Residential Delivery Fee & Tailgate): $95.00


Please contact Mactrans at (877) 856-6805 or rates@mactrans.ca with any questions about our rates or service or to see if any extra charges will apply.


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